sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

A talk with the doctor

Mr. Keith Smith is having an appointment with Dr. Judith Thompson, an ear, nose and throat specialist.
Judith: What's going on with you, Mr. Smith?
Keith: I've been snoring lately, Dr. Thompson, and this has been an unpleasant thing to my wife.
Judith: Has your wife told you about your snoring or have you woken up with apnea?
Keith: Apnea? What is this?
Judith: It's a temporary absence or a cessation of breathing. Have you had this during your sleep?
Keith: Yes, once in a while, yes.
Judith: Curious... Everything seems absolutely normal. Have you had changed your habits recently?
Keith: Well, I've been eating more than usual at dinner time. That has increased my weight in six kilos.
Judith: Hmmmm... Obesity, enlarged tonsils, chronic nasal congestion, and congenital physical abnormalities are the possible causes of snoring.
Keith: Do you think I'm an obese person? Not yet, but you've got to be careful. What do you mean?
Judith: Try to reduce your eating impulses and keep a uniform diet. Your weight will decrease and the snoring will probably disappear in a few weeks. If the symptoms persist, I will ask for an X-ray of your face.
Keith: Do I have to take any medicine?
Judith: I won't prescribe you any medicine.
Keith: Oh, thank God it's nothing serious. Thank you, Dr. Thompson.
Judith: Don't mention it.

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