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Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts was Born in a small town in Georgia on October 28, 1967. Her complete name is Julie Fiona Roberts. Her sister, Lisa, her brother, Eric, and her parents are all actors, too.
Roberts grew up in Atlanta, and she went to high school there. When she graduated from high school in 1985, she wanted to be a veterinarian! But she moved to New York and she decided to become an actress. She got a role in her first movie in 1987. In 1989, she acted in the movie Steel Magnolias and she became a star. In 1990, with Pretty Woman, she became a superstar.
She continues to be a very popular actress, with movies like Notthing Hill and Erin Brockovich. She also has a movie production company and a movie agency .
On June 27, 1993, Roberts married country music star Lyle Lovett. They got a divorce in 1995, but they are still good friends. She has an apartment in New York, a house in Hollywood and a ranch in New Mexico. She loves animals and has several dogs.

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